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2017 Land Summit

2017 Land Summit

A couple of weeks ago the annual Mossy Oak Properties Land Summit was held in West Point, Mississippi. This was my fourth consecutive trip to the Land Summit and I always look forward to the trip. A group of land specialists from VA, NC, and SC made the drive down this year. We were apart of about 250 other agents who were also in attendance.

The first night began with a silent auction, great food, and live music. The following day consisted of updates such as new office openings, agent of the year awards, office of the year awards, and once again great food. There was even a few clays tossed about at the local shooting range. Mossy Oak’s new golf course that recently opened had quite a few visitors as well. That evening we had yet another great meal at the Haas’s family cabin on their property just outside of West Point. The day after that we began our long trip back home.

The entire trip essentially takes a week to complete and longer than that to recuperate from. Yet I look forward to the trip every year. The reason I enjoy the trip, despite the 14 hour drive, is that I’m surrounded by the best land brokers in the nation. Each broker has their own style of conducting business and while the offices and states we work in may vary, what we stand for remains the same. There is so much to be learned when surrounded hundreds of successful brokers that it’s truly inspiring. Of course, working for such a fine organization like Mossy Oak Properties is inspirational as well.

Mossy Oak Properties has long been the place where the outdoorsmen can Find Their Favorite Place. That’s not just a catchy tag line, it’s how we conduct our business. In one particular session there was projection screen that displayed the nation’s most recognizable outdoor brands. I’ll give you one guess who was first. There was also an infographic that displayed the growth MOP has experienced over the past few years. There’s no question that the best is yet to come and we are, without a doubt, America’s Land Specialists.

Andrew Walters