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An aerial view of the Roanoke River on a new Halifax County Listing

An aerial view of the Roanoke River on a new Halifax County Listing

You have probably noticed many of our newer listings feature high definition aerial photos taken with a drone, as well as our regular on-the-ground photographs. Actually, a couple of these photos can been seen below.

It’s no secret our listed properties are very well represented. Between the property descriptions, interactive specialty maps, and photos, we leave no stone unturned. By doing this we ensure that our sellers have their land properly represented, and our buyers know exactly what they’re interested in. It’s for this reason that we have introduced a drone into our marketing line-up. There are several benefits of having such a device in the real estate world.

By adjusting the altitude we can provide unique perspectives of a property that you wouldn’t normally be able to see. Simply put, it’s just cool to see aerial photographs of your land. One the other hand, there is much to be learned by inspecting a drone photo.

Timber: By looking down into a stand of timber it is easy to tell the various timber types. Hardwood and pine tree canopies look much different and you can get an idea of the diversity just as easily as you can on the ground. Many listings possess large stands of timber, or thinned timber, and by studying these photographs you can really get a feel for what a particular listing possesses.

Water Sources: Even the smallest creeks and streams are visible from the air. Following meandering waters sources and finding hidden waterfowl honey holes has never been easier. Many of our listings feature ponds, lakes, or duck impoundments. Some are even bordered by rivers, and the aerial photos put into perspective the amount of water frontage a particular tract boasts.

Road System: We have numerous listings that have road systems that dissect or are established around the perimeter of the property. Whether it be an ATV trail or a road wide enough for a vehicle, an aerial shot provides an up-to-date view of a path and where it begins and ends.

However, even the best photograph is not a substitute for an actual showing, so it’s always best to check out any listing you’re interested in first-hand. We have found that our buyer and seller clients are thrilled with the trend we’ve started. It is for this reason, you can expect to see even more of our listing to feature these types of photos.

Andrew Walters