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The joy a youngster experiences out hunting with his Dad!

Shooting the “Big Buck” is not always the most important thing. Pictured here is Sonny Albarty after taking this nice three pointer off a section of a club in Bertie County, NC designated as a “kids zone”, where regular management rules do not apply. Out of the almost 5000 acres this particular club enjoys, this area is only 100 acres in size, and is sequestered from the rest of the club. You can tell by the smile on Sonny’s face that decision was right on time. Notice the size of this deer! Not exactly what you would expect for a three point spike in Bertie County, NC. Actually this was a perfect management buck as this deer was aged at 2 1/2 and needed to culled from the herd. Management clubs are important and good rules regarding size and age of the bucks taken is essential to developing a quality herd. Having designated areas like this in those clubs are important for “member management.” Tell me this rascal isn’t gonna want to be hunting with dad again real soon! Sometimes the joy of the hunt is all that matters and spending time with your kid outdoors is just that… Joyful!

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