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For the last 5 years Kevin and Annmarie Hagerich have been combing the hinterlands of eastern North Carolina looking for that perfect little hideaway to call their own. They have slugged through the swamps of Craven County been carried off by bugs in Carteret County, and everything else imaginable.

Kevin and Annmarie HagerichLast week we posted several very affordable tracts for sale near Grifton in Pitt County and our phones completely blew up. The race was on to see who get there first and lay claim to the prize. Now usually I try not to work on Sunday but I had three folks interested in traveling to look at these properties. Two local and one couple (hint – The Hagerich’s) who wanted to drive down from Maryland! I was set up to meet them at 12 noon (a 6 hour drive for them), my first showing was at 10 am, I rolled up at 9:30 and shortly after I was greeted by you’ll never guess, The Hagerich’s!

I did have a commitment to my first showing so I sent them off on their own to have a walkabout, two hours later I finally hooked up with them after taking a whirlwind tour with my first client. These guys were ready to go, we proceeded to cover 50 acres like members of the French Foreign Legion. These folks had a genuine appreciation for the land, I love that! When most folks would jump to the moon if they saw a snake, Annmarie said “wow isn’t he beautiful”. When most folks would complain about cat claw briars these guys said “this would make a great home-site” I have to tip my hat to that kind of attitude.

Needless to say, I’m honored to serve clients like the Hagerich’s, if you love the land and the outdoors like they do, everyday is Earth Day!