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Capt Bryan DeHart, sea troutCapt Bryan DeHart has been guiding anglers on the Outer Banks for over 17 years, and he’ll tell you flat out “Fishing is as good as it has ever been”. The trout are so thick you can’t hardly cast without a bite, now that is a recipe to get a kid excited about the outdoors. I hear they’ll hit anything, plastics, gulp baits it doesn’t matter, just show up and it will blow up. The grass beds along the eastern side Roanoke Island are a good bet and the pound net stakes on the northern side of the island will bring a good morning bite I’m told.

The “old” bridge has them stacked up like cord wood and you’ll see a good crowd over there on the weekends. Water temp seems to dictate how shallow they go and with these Northeast breezes cooling everything down the shoreline along the marsh flats will deliver the goods. Most mornings find the water fairly calm so you won’t get beat up to bad running across the sound.

Put-ins at Pirates Cove (east) and Bowsertown (west) leaves a short run to the fishing grounds and will help boaters accommodate for the wind conditions. The fish are young but there are still some nice keepers. Will Brown (age 12) won the John Bayliss Invitational last week with a nice creel and Capt Bryan had a good showing with his party as well.

Get out and enjoy this great creation God allows us to share in, nothing anchors a man better than a day spent fishing. Be sure to bring a kid with you, they’ll love you for it!