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A hardwood bottom where numerous whitetails were seen

A hardwood bottom where numerous whitetails were seen

Earlier this week I made a short trip to Halifax County where I, with a few other Mossy Oak Properties agents, had a hunting trip planned. The hunting location was situated right on the Roanoke River. The famed Mush Island has long been one of the best hunting locations in the state so we were all looking forward to the trip.

This was the first year I attended the trip, but other agents had hunted the property previous years. We had the option to bow hunt or use black powder rifles. Despite the sketchy weather, we hunted hard and spotted many deer. Unfortunately, we did not tag a buck during our trip but that doesn’t mean large bucks were not spotted. I saw three mature bucks working the edge of a soybean field one afternoon. Another hunter spotted a wide buck outside of bow range, and numerous young bucks with plenty of potential. A doe was also harvested with a black powder rifle during a late morning hunt.

The lodge overlooked a pond and was accessible only by a winding path through tall, managed timber. Large mounted bucks, coyotes, and quail decorated the walls of the cabin. The property boasted large agricultural fields planted with soybeans and picked corn. Some of the fields had standing corn left around the perimeter of the field to promote wildlife activity. There was a nice pond located in the interior of the property where a massive buck was seen, and it attracted more than a few Canada geese. I could hear them landing when the sun was dropping. There was also a ton of wild turkey. In total, we spotted over 50. In one instance there was along with a bobcat in tow, looking for his next meal.

I found the hardwood bottoms quite impressive. The tall timber towered above average sized trees and the open understory made spotting wildlife an ease. Also, there were numerous stands of timber that had various different management strategies applied. Clearcuts and thinnings were common and the variety of wildlife-friendly habitats showed.

Aside from spotting tons of wildlife and hunting some of the prettiest country in the state, we were also able to eat like kings spend time with our associates. Luckily, there were associates from the Mossy Oak Properties NC Land and Farms and the Mossy Oak Properties of Virginia office, so time was well-spent with coworkers, some of which I only see occasionally. To say that a hunt is not measured by what you kill, but by the time spent with friends in the woods is incredibly accurate, and sums up my experience hunting this past week.

At Mossy Oak Properties, we understand what you are looking for in a tract of land. After all, we are outdoorsmen just like you. We hunt, fish, and spend time with our friends and family outdoors just as you do. Whether you are looking for your next secluded getaway or hunting tract, contact me. The first step in finding your favorite place is working with a local agent with the nation’s most trusted outdoor brand. Give an agent with Mossy Oak Properties a call today!


Andrew Walters