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Capt Bryan DeHart and Mr. Dalton Basnight with his first Turkey, April 6 2013, Northampton County, NC

Capt Bryan DeHart and Mr. Dalton Basnight with his first Turkey, April 6 2013, Northampton County, NC

You have heard me talk about it before but nothing makes me happier than to see kids enjoying the outdoors and our great sport of hunting. MOP NC Land and Farms is again proud to partner with Cross Trail Outfitters (CTO) in bringing kids afield and are even more excited about continuing to share in their mission of spiritual teachings and youth ministry.

Many thanks to our new found friend Mr. Phil Clegg Jr. in his graciousness for allowing us all the privilege of hunting his farm in Northampton County. Phil is a turkey fanatic and his farm is the perfect set up for having a group of young up and comers get their first taste of the turkey woods.

We were blessed with one of the prettiest days this year had to offer and the birds were cooperating perfectly. To a young person nothing could be more special than a group of full blown gobblers landing in the field before you, or busting out of the woods in full strut gobbling their heads off. Everybody had a chance over the day to witness natures splendor as the sultans of spring showed us their best ballet.

Early that morning, Capt Bryan DeHart had young Dalton Basnight with him in a ground blind overlooking a green field when the magic began. The first strutter had the luckiest day of his life when Mr. Dalton gave his tail feathers a good dusting and he fly off to gobble another day, the second one to enter the decoys was not so fortunate. As the shotgun blast knocked Mr. Dalton to the ground he giggled with his infectious laugh as he was helped up to his seat and out of the blind to claim his prize. Later that day, young Dalton in his early wisdom said “God showed himself to me today by offering me a second chance”. Great words from such a young heart!

Many thanks again to Mike Johnson and Josh East from CTO, Mr. Phil Clegg Jr. and everyone else who helped this next generation of outdoorsmen have an absolute blast. Be sure to head into the turkey woods this spring and don’t forget to bring a kid with you, they’ll love you for it.