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Getting Paid to Go Fishing!

Mike Purcell and I started the morning getting acquainted with each other in his new Explorer, which is quite nice, while waiting out not one, but two lines of storms. I don’t know how much rain we’ve had since last Thursday but goooood graaaaacious. It might have been an exceptionally dry summer around here but between Irene and this past week I hope we’re caught up. The sound is the fullest I’ve seen it in a long time and even though Oregon Inlet is in better shape than it’s been in for years I believe we’ll be looking at high water for a while. (Check out the picture of the parking lot at the old Manns Harbor Marina). After we got a break in the weather we slipped over to the Kellogg Camp.

Mike caught his first flounder on the fly and a handful of decent specks. A black and red Clouser was the fly of choice. The chartreuse wrap on the head is top secret! Not really, I didn’t feel like changing the thread at 10:30 last night when I finally got time to sit down and tie a few flies. I added a few more trout on the jig including a gray which must have been lost.

We picked at a few more fish in the marsh on the south end of Roanoke Island but I really wanted to be on the other side of the sound. I hated to run across there not knowing what the wind and the ominous looking clouds were going to do. We made the call, put the boat on the trailer and headed to Mann’s Harbor. I told Mike when we left Manteo that there would probably be some water in the parking lot at the boat ramp. He’s still not convinced there’s really a ramp there. The water was high enough I believe I could have launched my boat from the highway. The wind picked up, the clouds got darker and we called it a day. It was a blessed day, though, in spite of the weather. Mike caught new species on the fly and I got paid to go fishing. No complaints.

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