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Brian Gibson of Moyock, NC Takes his first Gobbler! The bird weighed in at 17.8 lbs, had 1 1/2" spurs and a 9" beard!Perseverance pays off as a couple of hunting buddies put the smack down on two NC Gobblers!

My good friend and hunting partner Brian Gibson called me about a week ago and asked if I had the 411 on possible location of some long-beards out at our lease in Bertie County, NC. This is Brian’s first year in the club and hadn’t had much time to scout, he wanted to bring a friend and bust a Tom on opening day. Now Brian has been hunting turkey’s for a couple of years now but has never had the chance to bag one, well this was his luck day! He set up right where I told him and after some seductive calling by his hunting partner a hot bird made his way down the power-line to his set up. Birds firing off everywhere, he settles in for the shot and BOOM! Right over top of the gobbler, like so many of us do, we raise up and our shot placement follows suit. Being a good sport, Brian laughs it off and gets back to work, moving his set up around a couple of times they get right back on the birds!

Over the course of the next few hours they call in 5 birds, and take one each. Brian’s bird was 17.8 lbs, had 1 1/2″ spurs and a 9″ beard, very respectable! Just goes to show you “don’t get discouraged and give up” these guys headed out instead of heading back after the miss and doubled up on the NC opener. In the turkey woods if something isn’t working, get moving, the next opportunity might be right around the next tree. Congratulations to Brian and all of you who took your first bird this past weekend!

Don’t forget, next time take a kid with you, they’ll love you for it!