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The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, the sun is a little lower in the sky, and my spirits are high. I love the fall, its my favorite time of year, football games on Friday nights, hunting camp on Saturday morning.

As a father, I love taking my boy in the outdoors, he’s my good luck charm. We always catch fish together, and we always see deer, he’s my outdoors buddy. My fondest memories were with my Dad, fishing at the ocean, just me and him hangin out, early morning right as the sun was coming up, I felt special. What do think your kid feels when you hold him close in a cold box blind, or almost fall out of the boat from the excitement of them catching a fish. My experience is they are happy when you are happy, and nothing makes me happier than spending time outdoors with my son. I can only hope and pray it sticks with him and he raises his family to cherish that time together.

Take a kid hunting and fishing with you this fall, take time to show them the beauty God has created for us, and most importantly teach them to share it with others.