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Sadler with his first Turkey! Taken in Martin County, NC on the youth day opener.Kids get a shot at “Ole Tom” on the Youth Day opener!

My good friend Van, and his son Sadler headed out into a field in Martin County, NC last Saturday morning with high hopes of bagging a young hunters first Gobbler. They set up on a blow down long before sunrise and watched as the sun illuminated targets roosting in the trees along the fields edge. The morning was crisp and it was after 7AM before the Gobblers flew down and began working their way along the ridge to the decoys. 30, 25, 20, 15 yards and BOOM! A couple of wings flaps later the deed was done and Sadler had shot and killed his first Turkey! WOW, Congratulations young man!

That same story played itself out all over NC this past Saturday as young hunters and proud parents shared time in the field pursuing the “Sultans of Spring”. I had my own experience with my son Ryan as we hunkered down on an power-line in Bertie County and watched a long-beard hang up at 50 yards for 30 minutes. He finally stepped into range but an anxious moment caused a miss. The experience was the same for us though, the excitement of the hunt, the beautiful cool morning, the spectacle of boss Gobbler in full strut and most importantly the memorable time spent with my son.

Don’t miss an opportunity to be in the field this spring, if nothing else but for a memorable walk in the Turkey woods and the hope of a dream come true. Be sure to take a kid with you, they’ll love you for it!